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How to Take Breathtaking Pictures (Intro to Photography)

The ultimate introduction to photography.

Ages: 9-15

Previous Experience Required: None (this class is for beginners)

Concepts Taught: Camera anatomy, framing, lighting, aperture, focusing, ISO, shutter speed, focal length, depth of field, editing, exporting

In this class, students will learn the basics of photography. By the end of the class, they’ll have a small portfolio of amazing pictures they have taken to show off to friends and family!

Each class meeting will start by sharing the pictures the students took as homework. The teacher will give helpful feedback on each picture. After that, we’ll learn a new concept or technique, then spend the majority of class time doing an exercise to put it into practice. The teacher will check in with each student to make sure they are doing it right.

As we move through the course we’ll first go over the basic anatomy of the camera and how it works, then talk about light and exposure and the three ways we can affect that with our camera. From there we’ll move into focus, focal length, and depth of field. Finally, we’ll discuss the “art” side of photography with composition and framing.

The homework assignment at the end of each class will be to practice what we learned that day by taking pictures!

Students are guaranteed individual instruction and attention.

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