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Film School in Two Months (Intro to Filmmaking)

The ultimate crash course in live-action filmmaking.

In this class, students will go from having never touched a camera before to making their own 5-10 minute short film. In each class session, we’ll learn a few concepts, then put them into practice in an in-class exercise, which will contribute to the creation of their own films. By the end of the class, their films will be complete, and we’ll have a short film festival to show them all off!

The course will place an emphasis on the practical knowledge necessary to be a successful young filmmaker. No matter the student’s previous experience level, this course will be an excellent way to introduce them to the magic of filmmaking and begin their portfolio with their very own short film.

Ages: 9-15

Previous Experience Required: None (this class is for beginners)

Concepts Taught: Storytelling, Campbellian mythology (the Hero’s Journey), cinematography, camera angles, sound recording, recruiting actors, how to make a production calendar, how to slate; how to direct actors, editing, exporting

Each students is guaranteed individual instruction and attention.

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4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 71 reviews)
Very good2%

I recommend

June 16, 2023

Alyra Academy sets the standard for internet schooling. If you’re thinking about it, there’s literally no risk. They will refund you no questions asked if you request it or if anything goes wrong. You won’t regret it.

Fiorella N.

High re-enrollment rate

June 5, 2023

The real testament to Alyra’s quality is how many students return for more courses. It’s a testament to their effectiveness.

Holden I.

Cody is funny

May 27, 2023

Cody is the funniest person in the world or my name isn’t George Washington

Quentin K.

All the details

May 5, 2023

I’m glad they learned about making production calendars, slating, working with actors, things like that. Lots of of film classes leave out that stuff even though it’s important.

Soleil H.

Kid approved

March 22, 2023

My kiddo had only good things to say about this class. The school sent me a review form after the class was complete and I asked him what he thought. He said “Give Cody all the stars”.

Keegan A.

I learned to edit like Mr. Beast.

March 7, 2023

Learning to edit was really interesting. It’s fun to know how your favorite YouTubers create their style.

Suki R.

Blown away

January 17, 2023

Blown away by the quality of teaching at Alyra. It’s not every day you come across such dedication online.

Landon C.


December 21, 2022

Not my favorite

Amal T.

The class forum is really helpful

November 25, 2022

Cody posts the the class materials and bonus handouts in the class forum after each class session which was really helpful

Eleni L.


November 20, 2022

My daughter looked forward to this class every week

Fatou B.

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