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Our Story

After growing up without access to great arts education, then becoming a successful filmmaker in Hollywood, Cody signed up for Outschool.com, one of the first online teaching platforms. There, he quickly became the #1 teacher. For nearly 5 years he held the distinction of having the most 5-star reviews of any teacher and of having the #1 most popular class. At several times he also concurrently held the spots for #2 and #3 most popular classes. It was this success that lead him to create Alyra Academy in order to bring the world-class curricula he had created to even more students. 

Some Stats

Over 7,000 students taught globally

Over 2,000 five star reviews

Dozens of charter school partnerships

Our Philosophy

At Alyra Academy, our approach is based on the latest research in education science, which clearly demonstrates that students learn best through an iterative process of experiential elaboration. Simply put, students learn best by doing, and when they are having fun. This might sound obvious, but the vast majority of education simply doesn’t optimize for these things — it spends most class time on boring lectures where the students are idly listening and, at best, engaging in rote memorization. Imagine how different education would be if nearly 100% of class were spent actually doing things. 

Cody designs the curriculum for each class to accomplish exactly this. You’ll never hear a lecture in an Alyra class, or see students taking notes, or memorizing anything. Instead, our classes are filled with exercises and activities which prompt the students to do the thing they are learning about, right away, from the first moment of the first class meeting. This in turn encourages students to develop their own love for the subject matter by intrinsically infusing it with their own self-expression and unique perspective. By the time they are done with the class, whether it be animation, or game design, or drawing, or anything, students will have an intimate, hands on knowing (not just understanding) of how to do express themselves in that medium. 

Finally, this inspires a life-long love of not only the subject matter, but of learning itself. 

Charter Schools We've Worked With

Chowchilla School District
Excell Academy
San Jose Charter School
Beginning with Children Charter School
Mountain Ridge Charter Elementary School
Northbrook Technology Charter Academy
Riverstone International Charter School
Pioneer Valley Leadership Academy
Westwind Preparatory Charter School
Cedar Grove Environmental Charter
Quill Community Charter School
Orchid Blossom Language Immersion Academy
New Horizons Charter School of Arts
Starlight Science & Math Academy Charter
Sun Valley Academy for Innovation
Blue Sky Charter High School
Timberwolf Expeditionary Charter School
Centurion Classical Charter School
Morningside Preparatory Charter Academy
Brighton Beach Marine Science Charter
Golden Gate Entrepreneurship Charter School
Unity Charter Academy of Humanities
Newton Mathematical Charter School
Olympus Heights Community Charter
Liberty Arts & Leadership Academy
Pacific Trails Environmental Charter School
Atlas Global Leadership Academy Charter
Metropolitan Sports Charter Academy
Crimson Peak Charter High School
Ocean Breeze Academy Charter School
Thornwood Academy of Science & Innovation
Elm Street Cultural Charter School
Phoenix Rising Charter School of Technology
Whispering Pines Montessori Charter Academy
Summit View College Preparatory Charter
Ivy League Academy Charter School
Westlake Community Charter High
Falcon Heights Charter School for the Performing Arts
Waterfall Language Immersion Charter School
Harmony Grove Health & Wellness Charter
Ironwood STEM Academy Charter School
Catalina Island Maritime Charter Academy
Birchwood Environmental Charter School
New Era Virtual Charter Academy
Quantum Leap Science & Math Charter
Kingsway Leadership Academy Charter School
White Pine Charter High School
Zenith Academy of Arts & Culture Charter
Terra Firma Agricultural Charter School
Sunflower Elementary Charter School
Metropolitan Youth Charter Academy
Westbridge Community Charter School
Great Lakes Academy of Business Charter
North Star Charter School of Expeditionary Learning

Our Reviews

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