Alyra Academy


Cody Zervas

Cody teaches everything! As the head teacher, he creates all the curricula that lie at the heart of our classes. Growing up in a small town, Cody was interested in many subjects — music, filmmaking, and game design — but didn’t have access to high-quality instruction. When he finally learned these things in college and through many years of teaching himself, he decided to create Alyra Academy in order to make world-class instruction available to students everywhere, regardless of where they lived. He has a Bachelor’s degree in radio/television/film from Northwestern University and over 10 years of experience in the film and television industry in Hollywood, California.

Joanna Kerr

Joanna Kerr teaches music. Her love for music started in her school’s choir, and she has never looked back. With a Master’s degree in Music Education, she loves inspiring young musicians and helping them find their unique voice. Joanna’s teaching style is engaging and personalized, helping each student shine in their own way. During her downtime, she plays the cello in a community orchestra and enjoys exploring nature trails with her husband and two sons in Portland, Oregon.

Holly Dunlap

Holly Dunlap teaches game design. She worked professionally as a game designer for mobile games for three years before realizing that teaching is her true passion. She joined us in 2017 and now she’s one of Alyra’s longest-standing teachers! Holly is known for going above and beyond for her students — if you need a recommendation letter, she’s who to ask! She lives with her husband and their two birds in Rochester, Minnesota.

Andy Wheeler

Andy Wheeler teaches filmmaking and animation. Growing up, he always knew he wanted to be a teacher. When he saw Toy Story for the first time, he fell in love with animation and he knew what he wanted to teach! He also loves puns and everything to do with the Chicago Cubs. When he’s not teaching, animating, or watching baseball, his Irish poodle Sassy is busy licking his face.

Lindsey Burke

Lindsey Burke is an accomplished visual artist and educator specializing in drawing and painting. Having spent several years as a professional artist, she brings her love for creativity into the classroom. Lindsey holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and encourages her students to see the world through an artistic lens. She is known for her nurturing guidance, gentle humor, and the ability to make art accessible to all. When she’s not teaching, she’s often found in her studio or enjoying the outdoors in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Alicia Moyer

Alicia Moyer teaches filmmaking. After working on various film projects, she discovered her passion for teaching and decided to focus on helping the next generation of filmmakers. Alicia possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Film Studies and is known for her hands-on approach, encouraging students to learn through creating. Her colleagues and students admire her innovative thinking and dedication. In her free time, Alicia enjoys traveling and cooking international cuisines with her partner in Austin, Texas.

Derrick Norton

Derrick Norton is a writing instructor with a passion for storytelling. He has won several poetry and short prose awards around the country, and his writing has been published both online and in traditional publications. He encourages students to explore their voices and craft compelling narratives. Derrick’s classes are known for lively discussions, supportive feedback, and his knack for making literature exciting. He’s fun-loving, often sharing anecdotes from his own writing journey, and always ready to assist students with their work. Derrick is an active member of a local writing group and enjoys hiking and kayaking.

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