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How to Become a YouTuber

Everything you need to know about how to have a successful YouTube channel.

Ages: 9-15

Previous Experience Required: None (this class is for beginners)

Concepts Taught: video recording and production, sound recording and production, lighting, beginner and intermediate editing, YouTube basics including creator and optimizing a channel, the Top 10 Things Every New Youtuber Needs to Know (#4 is CRUCIAL), how to make catchy titles and thumbnails, keyword optimization, advanced algorithm tricks, trend-jacking, incentive techniques, reward spikes, promise payoffs, and more!

Students will learn how to create their very own YouTube channels from scratch. First, we’ll learn the basics of recording videos so they’re high-quality and look/sound great. Then, we’ll learn about editing to put them together in a polished, professional way. Finally, we’ll learn how to grow a channel from zero subscribers, to thousands or even millions. Over the course of the class, students will go from having no former knowledge to knowing everything that they need to be a successful YouTuber.

In each class, we’ll start by sharing the homework from the previous meeting, then we’ll learn a new concept or technique, and finally we’ll spend the rest of the class doing an exercise to put that concept into practice.

Students are guarantee individual instruction and attention.

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